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Below are pictures from a few previous installations.

Tope Sportsman Electronics Panel
Comp. Eliminator D/EA Panel

Tope Sportsman Electronics Panel
Electronics Panel in Top Sportsman Car

SuperFlow 902 Dyno with Dual Ignitions

Delay Box/Shift Panel - Top Sportsman
Delay Box/Shift Controller/MSD Programmer for 7530T Ignition

Pro Street car with Spaghetti Menders Nitrous (Fogger)

Racepak Ultra Dash Installation

Super Pro Electronics - Diginat 7/ARC 12000

Electronics panel for NHRA Stock Eliminator w/Fuel Injection

MSD  7AL-3 Ignition System

NOS Launcher System and Dash Panel

Dual Fuel Pump Relay installed with Magnafuel 500 Pump

Stock Eliminator Car Electronics Panel with Fuel Injection

Fuel Pump Dual Fail Safe Relay Harness

Dash Board for NHRA B/SA Stock Eliminator Car

Don Ness GMM Shocks and Racepak Installation

Super Stock Electronics Panel

Super Stock Engine Compartment

1969 Camaro Custom Dash w/Fuel Injection 

Crane DEC 9000 Installation

Pro Street/Super Pro Electronics Panel

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